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Simply speaking, Japan is unique. A grouping of mysterious islands, where past meets future in the most beautiful of settings. Where elegant temples sit surrounded by cherry blossoms, and where vast neon skylines crown huge metropolises, giving the feeling of stepping into the future.

Kyoto’s peaceful streets are lined with majestic temples and traditional sweet shops, while in contrast; Tokyo’s streets are home to towering skyscrapers and to one of Asia’s most eclectic nightlifes. In-between, you’ll find forested mountains and lengths of poetic landscapes, lined with lakes and hot springs.

Japanese culture is often difficult for westerners to understand, but from the splendor of a Kyoto geisha dance to the minimalistic charms of a Zen Rock garden – you will be captivated. Whether you’re new to Japan, or a seasoned traveller, you’ll find that tours to Japan are always an enthralling and rewarding experience.

Japan country map

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Japan – A quick view

Time difference: GMT +8 Hours
Flight time: Approx 10 hours
Visa Required: On arrival for British passport holders
Currency: Yen (¥)(JPY)
Tel Code: +81
Population: 127 million appx
Official Language: Japanese
Recommended Airlines: British Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, KLM, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines.
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Itinerary Ideas

12 Days
Scenic Japan
from £4,099

Asakusa Kannon TempleExplore the traditional temples of Asakusa, enjoy the hot spring bath in hakone, Take aerial….
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14 Days
Cultural Japan
from £4,899

Tokyo TowerTake aerial tram ride to the top of Mt Komagatak for Panoramic views of Hakone National Park….

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15 Days
Classic Japan & Hong Kong
from £3,999pp

kannon statue kamakuraAdmire wood carvings and ornate structures of Toshogu Shrine at Nikko & See the…

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18 Days
Highlights of Japan & South Korea from £4,399pp

Nijo castle in kyoto japanDiscover Nijo Castle, Kinkaku-ji Temple and the Heian Shrine & imperial palace…

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18 Days
Cultural China & Scenic Japan
from £3,399pp

Lingyin Temple, HangzhouDiscover the rich cultural heritage of china & Japan combined.Experience the one of a kind, high speed Bullet Train…

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Japan is a destination for all travellers – from foodies to families, couples and history lovers – there is truly something for everyone. A tour to Japan can help you uncover layer after layer of beauty – you can ascend the majestic Mt. Fuji and explore nearby Lake Kawaguchi, roam Nagoya castle and Tokugawa Art Museum in Nagoya, lose yourself in Tokyo, go back in time in beautiful Nikko at the Niomon Gate, the Five-story Pagoda and the Kirifuri Waterfall and take a peak at a traditional Hida Folk Village at Hida no Sato in Takayama. If you want to experience some of the nature in Japan, then head to the wonderful Peaceful Deer Park in Nara and afterwards visit the Vermillion-hued Kasuga Shrine.

While in Japan you should note that there are literally thousands of festivals – religious festivals held in shrines and temples, snow festivals, dancing festivals and more. Attending a festival in Japan is a great way to immerse yourself into the lighter side of Japanese culture. The Tokushima Awa Odori is a gigantic city-wide dance party in Tokushima City – it’s colourful and vibrant and attractions more than a million people each year and plays out on the city streets for several days. If you’re sticking to Tokyo on your holiday to Japan – then try the Asakusa Samba Matsuri festival (yes Samba) in the Asakusa area of Japan. kyoto has its own 1 month long festival known as the Gion Festival held in the Geisha district Gion. There are parades, street parties, markets and traditional Geisha dances.

Points to ponder


Japanese cuisine is simply mouthwatering. From Osaka’s (nicknamed Tenka no daidokoro or the nation’s kitchen) savoury pancakes, Udon noodles and Takoyaki and Kanazawa’s traditional seafood fare, through to well known staples of Japanese cuisine such as sushi, f Miso soup, tempura vegetables and fish – which is served raw such as in Sashimi/Sushi and often grilled such as Saba Shioyaki. Try to learn how to use chopsticks!


There is no tipping – at all – in Japan. When addressing someone it is courteous to bow – tourists can get away with a simple inclination of the head – but do remember to show respect at all times.

Take off your shoes at the entrance to all homes and most hotels and businesses too. If you see a shoe rack at the entrance then assume that you must change into guest slippers.

Try not to draw attention to yourself – even if that means not blowing your nose in public – as drawing attention to yourself is avoided as Japan is very much a society focused on the group – rather than the individual.

A thought

It is best to have a stopover in Hong Kong to make value for your money and time, a pit stop at Macau is worth considering. A thought on stopping for about four days in South Korea is worth an attempt.


Tokyo TowerTokyo Tower
Kannon Statue near KamakuraKannon Statue near Kamakura
Kegon Falls NikkoKegon Falls Nikko
The-Golden- Pavilion-(Kinkaku-ji) of KyotoThe Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji) -Kyoto
Nijo-Castle-in-KyotoNijo Castle – Kyoto
Asakusa Kannon TempleAsakusa Kannon Temple
big-buddha-kamakuraBig Buddha – Kamakura
Kiyomizu tera Temple kyotoJKiyomizu Temple – Kyoto


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